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Explore London was founded by Barry Williams, who’s career for over ten years has been in teaching. The vision of Explore London is to create educational and challenging experiences for each child, developing life skills such as confidence & teamwork, whilst providing fun and entertaining adventures for all.

Barry has a great passion for sport and the outdoors and during his time as teacher has held a large number of leadership roles such as Head of Physical Education, Head of Rugby, House Master and Head of Year, in both UK & Australian schools. Working in international schools has further developed Barry’s ability to tailor educational settings for children from all walks of life.

Alongside teaching Barry has also had a career playing professional rugby in both Australia & France, instilling the importance of teamwork & an active lifestyle.

Throughout Explore London camps we take great pride in encouraging and recognising the development of children’s characters, social skills and sense of ownership, whilst challenging themselves in many different ways.

Explore London makes the very most of having such a spectacular array of experiences right on our doorstep, discovering new hidden gems along the way.

Come along and join us on our next set of adventures!

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